Somali youth academy football player is the winner of the champions in Mogadishu












ImageSomali youth academic football players.

The Somali youth academic football players was established on 19 may 2003 and was succeeded more than 5 cups of campaign of shabelle region in Somali country so now the team club are well playing the football like the European  player.

the club are now looking investment or the international team club to give us financial support or also we need to give them a guarantee for that team to support our club off.

In the past ten years the Somali academic football players club team have been reportedly made more great improvement of the football players and still the team are growing up  



The Somali youth academy football players are become the first international team of Somali team of players in Mogadishu since when the players are making more improvement for the team. 

Mohamed abukar Hassan (bariyow) the chairman of the Somali youth academy football players in Somalia.

If you want for more information please contact the details coming soon 

+254715763548 for kenya , +252615868484 for somalia 


or visit 

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